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Super Junior Kyuhyun shows sympathy and prays for Ladies' Code members' recovery



Among the people in industry showing their sympathy, Super Junior Kyuhyun must be the most to be affected by the tragic news of Ladies’ Code Eunb’s death and tragic car accident.

Super Junior Kyuhyun tweets this morning, "Someone else’s business is different.. (Implying…


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​eunbabe, i hope you’re happier where you are right now; don’t worry about your other members - we’ll take care of them

[Update]EunB was not wearing her seat belt at the time and was ejected from the car in the crash


[Update]EunB was not wearing her seat belt at the time and was ejected from the car in the crash



rise’s surgery just ended and she’s doing fine!

edit: both rise and sojung are out of surgery and are okay!

[Update] Polaris Ent: “Sojung stable, Rise critical. Ashley, Zuni, manager, stylist minor injuries. Car back wheel came off.”





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I Know I Haven't Made A Textpost About This Here Yet So Here's What I Wrote On My Kpop Facebook:


I’m still in shock with what happened to ladies code. We hear about idols getting into car accidents all the time but the majority of the time theyre okay. Hearing two members are in surgery and even worse that one member has been proclaimed dead is heart shattering. Keep ladies code in your…